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Seeing the success that companies such as Groupon and Paypal have had with their merchant gift certificates, we developed a similar model of selling vouchers to be implemented in Europe.

Everything you should know

We act as a B2B facilitator for merchants who wish to attract new customers by issuing digital vouchers, and affiliates actively distributing vouchers to customers on the European market.
We help merchants develop a digital voucher system and get new customers to use it, and also allow affiliates to maintain their advantage over their competitors through expansion of their services.

  • Merchant Opportunity

    We give merchants the opportunity to begin issuing vouchers and increase their customer base with a simple, streamlined deployment model.

  • Affiliate opportunity

    We allow affiliates to sell digital vouchers for premium products and services at competitive prices and in turn offer their customer base a more diverse service

  • Reporting

    Through our admin interface, we issue reports and invoices on a daily basis taking care of the administrative needs of both merchants and affiliates..

  • Perfect design

    Affiliates are able to easily build their sites through the access we provide them to the market.


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